Kunzite is so special it was chosen as one of the premier gemstones in the Tiffany “Legacy Collection” to commemorate their 175th year anniversary. President Kennedy purchased a 47 carat Kunzite ring for his wife Jacqueline.

Kunzite was first discovered in Connecticut, USA, and was named after George Frederick Kunz, the former vice president and buyer for Tiffany & Company. Kunz was a legendary New York gem hunter and mineralogist who travelled the remotest areas of the world looking for new gems. However, this beautiful lilac-pink gemstone from closer to home was considered so outstanding that it warranted being named in his honour.

Kunzite ranges from pale pink to light purple hues, with the darker tones being the most valuable.

Like many gemstones Kunzite has associations with spiritual and metaphysical healing. For those who believe this and those who are interested in learning more I have researched some of its main qualities.

Kunzite is often associated with many everyday issues.

The Woman’s Stone

Pink Kunzite is referred to as the “Woman’s Stone” and is considered particularly appropriate for young women and first-time, or single mothers. Kunzite is thought to aid in treating hormone-linked migraines, and the reproductive system in women, Jewellery made with Pink Kunzite would make a perfect gift to aid girls entering puberty, and to help with PMS, and menstrual problems.

Pink Kunzite It is said to be a a good stone for sleepless babies and over-active children. Kunzite is an ideal crystal for children having a hard time adjusting to and functioning in life, and for those who had to grow up too fast, it helps restore lost trust and innocence.

Crystal Healing

It is believed that Kunzite encourages one to release walls built around the heart for protection, and to be receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love. It can also help enhance communication between lovers.

Heartache and Separation

Kunzite helps to relieve heartache over loss or separation and \in overcoming heartbreak after a relationship or marriage has broken down.

Stress and Bullying

The soothing power of Kunzite calms nervousness during an examination, interview or assessment, and is useful in situations where you cannot show irritation. In the workplace Kunzite is a protective stone against bullying and sexual harrassment ,

Protection against road rage and negative events

As a travel crystal, Lilac Kunzite guards against road rage and stress while driving. It also calms difficult passengers in your vehicle. Carry Lilac Kunzite when visiting locations where negative events have taken place. It increases intuitive powers and is especially protective against harmful spirits. Kunzite is a protective stone, dispelling negativity. It provides a centering influence in all situations, allowing one to remain calm and focused, even in the midst of a crowd.


Kunzite is thought to help with lung disorders, strengthen the circulatory system and the heart muscle. Kunzite enhances the treatment of depression and psychiatric disorders, and assists the physical body in recovering from emotional stress.

Kunzite Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy

Healers believe that Kunzite, with its loving pink energy, activates the Heart Chakra resolves blockages and aligns it with the light violet energy of the mind, the Crown Chakra. This gives us the balancing ability to be ourselves within the environment, and helps in our emotional relationships and to accept changes.

Emotional Healing Energy

Kunzite is considered a powerful healer of the emotional body, particularly for those who have closed themselves off from life or have difficulty connecting with people. It allows for free expression of feelings, healing the mind and heart, and being receptive to opportunities life has to offer. Its high vibrational energy encourages letting go of fears and sorrows that hold the heart to the past or the anxiety of the future. It is beneficial in recovering painful memories in order to bring healing.

Kunzite encourages self belief and promotes tolerance for the self, as well as empathy for others. It encourages humility and a willingness to serve.

Celestial Doorway

Lilac Kunzite is a Celestial Doorway and breaks through the barriers of time into the infinite. It is a beneficial crystal for the dying, letting the departing soul know what it needs to ease the transition over into enlightenment.

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