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Kunzite – The “Woman’s Stone”

Kunzite is so special it was chosen as one of the premier gemstones in the Tiffany “Legacy Collection” to commemorate their 175th year anniversary. President Kennedy purchased a 47 carat Kunzite ring for his wife Jacqueline. Kunzite was first discovered in...

Amethyst – the “Forget the Hangover” Gemstone

Lucky you, if you have a birthday in February. The fabulous Amethyst is your birthstone. Not only does it come in delicious tones of purple from soft lilac through seductive lavender to the deepest mauve. This gemstone is instantly recognisable in its purple tones and...

Rose Quartz the “Love Stone”

When I see Rose Quartz I think of soft billowing rose infused clouds. The colour is soft, romantic and undeniably feminine. No wonder Rose Quartz is called the gemstone of Venus, the Goddess of Love. Perfect for Mothers It is the perfect gemstone to give to your...

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