Aquamarine, Morganite – pastel shade multi-gemstone woman’s bracelet


The soft pastel shades in this stunning bracelet are ultra feminine but also bang on trend. The gemstones are all part of the Beryl family which include Aquamarine, Morganite and Emerald.

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The soft pastel shades in this stunning bracelet are not only beautiful but also bang on trend. The gemstones are all part of the Beryl family. The interesting slice shapes make this is an out of the ordinary bracelet (unto 12mm).   The 2cm / 0.75″sterling silver decorative extender chain is finished with a silver ball charm and Morganite and Aquamarine stones. This ultra feminine bracelet is a slip on and ideal for most wrist sizes.

Beryl family of gemstones

Emerald – green (If the colour is not a rich saturated green, the stone is called a “green beryl” instead of an “emerald.”)
Aquamarine – blue to blue-green
Morganite -pink to light-purple
Heliodor is yellow to greenish-yellow also light green, orange, and brown Beryl.
Golden Beryl has a golden yellow to orange-yellow color. The terms Heliodor and Golden Beryl are often interchangeable.
Goshenite is white to colourless.
Red Beryl, also known as Bixbite, is a rare, deep red variety found only two localities in Utah.

This bracelet can be stacked with others and is great for day wear or for a party. Wear it with denim, the office or on the beach with a flowing maxi. Makes a great stacking bracelet.T his bracelet would be the ideal present  a special treat for yourself.

Bracelet measures 7 – 7.5″ before tying and is made with durable stretch jewellery cord for a “one size fits most” style.

The gemstones are ethically mined.




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